Their Future in Our Hands

written by The 200 Year Project June 15, 2017

IN 200 YEARS...

…what will the world be like? Will there be an end to suffering and famine that today plagues a fifth of the world’s population? Will there be clean drinking water for everyone? Will education and equality be a right for all? Will life on earth be healthier or sicker than it is today? What about the trees, fish, birds and mammals? Are they excelling with us or perishing by our side? Will we be flying beyond Mars, to places unseen? Will we be molding a planet that will be looked at with awe and wonder for generations to come or be destructive beyond repair? What part will we play in molding our grandchildren’s grandchildren’s future?

Why should it matter to us?

200 years ago most people lived off their own land, there was no nuclear reactors, airplanes, cars, nationwide factory farms or monopolistic corporations circling the globe. The impact people had on the future and the environment was negligible. Now, with the advances in technology and infrastructure we have seemingly wonderful conveniences, but our actions are extremely more destructive than our ancestor’s 200 years ago, our impact that much bigger. Generations to come are even more reliant on us to shape their world than we were of our ancestors. Our actions have reactions, so we cannot abstain from the responsibility levied on our shoulders. Future generations are already leaning heavily on us. Will we own the foundation we are laying for their lives?



The 200 Year Mirror utilizes imagination that can lead to conservation and preservation of our one and only planet. Collectively, we have an opportunity to be master stewards of this world instead of destroyers. We can gain a profound purpose by serving not only all that surrounds us, but by anticipating and imagining all that might follow in our footsteps. We can imagine a future worthy for all who come after, and the ability to help it take shape now.

What do we do that is of Value to our Visitors?

The 200 Year Project provides inspiration, imagination and tangible tips, experiences and calls to action – all geared toward the individual. It takes time to shape our world positively; and so we encourage individuals to start shaping their world one step at a time. We do look into the big picture, but we believe every small step forward is an integral part of the puzzle and an important piece of the whole.

Why is it important to imagine 200 Years?

In 200 years, we will be our grandchildren’s grandchildren’s favorite heroes or saddest villains. We can be their long lost idols and inspirations or we can be
forgotten with a simple Command+Shift+Delete.



The reason we chose 200 years instead of 100 or another is because 200 gives us enough distance to remain objective and imaginative about a time and space none of us will physically exist in. 200 years helps us ponder and wonder and imagine a world worthy of the innocent generations that will come after ours.

The reason we call this a Project is because every day is a work in progress, now and forever. Perfection is substituted by persistence as part of our equation. We are working to improve day in and day out, as every step forward is a positive part of the process. We work to live our lives not just for our children and their children, but for theirs and then theirs too.

We will never get to meet that 6th generation when they are held gently in their mother's arms. But, we can be a part of the foundation that gives them clean air, proper food and a wealth of opportunity to continue building a world that benefits the future of all life on earth.

200 years may seem distant and untouchable today, but every step we take in its direction, our grandchildren's grandchildren feel the weight of our walk. We have a wonderful opportunity to be heroes in their eyes, if we are willing to journey through our own lives with theirs in mind.

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